GLISTEN meeting COST CM1207

12 - 13 october



The GLISTEN Amsterdam 2015 conference is organised by GLISTEN COST Action CM1207 and hosted by Division Medicinal Chemistry of VU University Amsterdam. It is funded by COST.

The meeting will include:

- GLISTEN Working Group meetings (12-13 October)

- GLISTEN Management Committee meeting (12 October)

- GPCRDB Satelite meeting (13 October)

The meeting will be followed by a GPCR research training Workshop (limited seats) on GPCR research valorization on 14 October.


The main objective of the Action is to create a pan-European multidisciplinary network of researchers investigating G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) signalling to gain in-depth understanding of GPCR mechanisms and to use this knowledge to design chemical modulators of GPCRs.

GPCRs are the largest family of proteins involved in signal transduction across cell membranes and consequently, the most prominent protein family targeted by current pharmaceuticals. GLISTEN (GPCR-Ligand Interactions, Structures, and Transmembrane signalling: a European research Network) is a research network for scientists studying various aspects of GPCR structure and function, with a wide range of theoretical and experimental methods. GLISTEN consists of four working groups, focusing on different aspects of GPCRs:

  1. Working Group 1: Receptor dynamics

  2. Working Group 2: Biased signalling

  3. Working Group 3: GPCR-protein and GPCR-lipid interactions

  4. Working Group 4: Discovery and design of GPCR ligands

Lectures on the above topics will be presented during the conference that will provide a platform for communicating the most current scientific progress in the mentioned areas. Contributions of junior scientists (in the form of posters) are also encouraged.